Compás y Flamenco A Flamenco Metronome

Making a metronome using JS

Flamenco Metronome with some of the options.

Project description

I am learning to play flamenco guitar and during the process I realized that there is not a tool such a free flamenco metronome online. Flamenco time is counted in 12 bits basis compass with accents usually in the bits 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12. So I made it.

Me, practicing flamenco guitar with the metronome.


In this project I had accomplished two main objectives. The first one is to make the project using mainly Javascript for the metronome engine. Also, I succeed on making a useful tool for me and for the flamenco community. Finally, I have also practiced with SVG in HTML.

Technologies used

HTML5, SVG, CSS3, Javascript.

Link to the project