Hi, I am Andreu Vinyoles


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What I do

Back-end codding

I am capable to create useful back-end code that will be easily implemented by the front-end designers. I am familiar with different back-end languages and frameworks, mainly Java and Spring, but also including Groovy, Python and PHP.

Database administration

I have experience on MySQL database administration and also, I have knowledge in MongoDB databases. I have working experience using MySQL as a researcher for managing data from my numerical models.

Data analysis

As a PhD on numerical modeling, I am used to work with a great amount of data searching for patterns and cycles and leading researches focused on make predictions by understanding the available information.

My Work

Who I am

Back-end developer Barcelona based

My interest on code development started when I was working as a researcher on the University of Barcelona, while doing my PhD on climate change and geology. There I worked on data analysis, Groovy scripting, MySQL, and I started some projects in Python.

After the completion of my PhD, I have enrolled the IT-Academy (Barcelona) to learn Java with the framework Spring, database management -MySQL and MongoDB-, and the typical server architectures (MVC, Repository pattern, SOLID...).

On my free time you will find me on the climbing wall, kayaking or playing flamenco on my guitar.

Andreu Vinyoles on the mountain

My work

A selection of my range of work

click on the image for more information Flamenco Metronome with some of the options. click on the image for more information Sample of the code showing a modify entry method. click on the image for more information Front page of my website click on the image for more information Cyclic curves generated by the model click on the image for more information some lines of the script click on the image for more information 3D view of the numerical model